Company Introduction

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Beijing World Publishing Corporation


Beijing World Publishing Corporation,founded in 1986,is a member company of China Publishing Group. It has targeted "professional publication and professional education publication" as its core business and formed five complete product lines, including authorized reprint of linguistic and sci-tech books, series of psychotherapy, film books, series of foreign language learning, comic books and series of humanities and social science.

Ever since its establishment, BWPC has already introduced a total of more than 10,000 books and 2,000 professional journals from the Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Years of sound cooperation with the world class publishing corporations provides BWPC with a unique copyright advantage over the other domestic presses.

BWPC maintains a deep connection with bookstores, universities and libraries around the country. Advanced distribution and marketing strategy help to offer excellent reading experience and convenient service to the readers. A top market share has been kept. Meanwhile, the company is devoted to cultivating young editing talents, expanding the brand influence and drawing the most authoritative writers in different fields.

BWPC will still hold "introducing China to the world, introducing the world to China" as its publishing principle, trying to innovate cooperation mode and being committed to refined publication, to make significant contribution to the spread of advanced international culture and technology in China and the promotion of outstanding Chinese culture in the world.

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Film Books/ Film Books


As an important production line of Beijing World Publishing Corporation, Shitu Film are devoted to build one of the most excellent and full-covered film book brand in Chinese Market. Through providing book readers well qualified production and considerate services, we gives our own contributions to the development and spread of film technology and culture. Shitu Film books covers various interested genres, such as Scholar Research, Teaching Books, Biography, Film Critics, Film Culture, etc. We are trying our best to bring the Chinese consumer most readable content.

Catoon & Comic books/ Catoon & Comic books


Classic American Comics -- Including Superhero comics from DC Comics and Marvel, along with various famous titles like The Walking Dead.

Light Reading -- Short stories/4 koma/comic essays, mostly imported from Japan, but we have also published several original titles.

My own private kittens——With the bestselling Chi’s Sweet Home(which has accumulated over 100,000 circulation)as the key product,this category is built by touching stories and loving illustrations from Hong Kong,Taiwan and Mainland China as well.

Books for adolescence——Along with comic books,we also publish books with social benefit.For instance,we have published a series book—Kung Fu Panda is Me,and have exported the copyright of English version to Australia.The series has also been enlisted in “100 titles the General Administration of Press Publication recommend to youth across the countey in 2012”.

The social science books/ The social science books


Reflect on history, reflect on wars and reflect on humanity. The social science books of the Beijing World Publishing Corporation will take you into a real world, to witness the cruelty of history, to examine colorful humanity with the third eye, and to reflect the value of existence and survival in the ups and downs of stories. Correct the errors of yesterday,adjust the rhythm of today, and face forward to the hope of tomorrow. We always believe‘ Histories make men wise’

Series of Psychology books/ Series of Psychology books


As the strategic partner of Chinese Psychological Society,we,Beijing World Publisgung Corporation,are devoted to the publications of psychological books.Our psychological books percentage of market share keeps for a long time in China,and the psychological books cover three categories:academic and high end psychological text books(both Chinese and English version),psychological counseling and therapy books for acadmic and practical use,and books to introduce psychological knowledge to general readers.We have a complete and balanced section strvture as well as a strategic developing planning.

Foreign Language Learning/ Foreign Language Learning

As a traditional brand of BWPC,titles on foreign language learning is now fouding on English,Japanese and Korean.We are positivelt trying to combine the advantages of what we have achieved in the titles of these three languages,constantly optimizing the structure of product variety.We always actively develop titles which satisfy the market need;only by this we can potential to strengthen the influence and appeal of our brand and to be a leader in the publishing industry.

Linguistics/ Linguistics


To satisfy the needs of the linguistic scholars and researchers in our country,we selected some classic or recently-published linguistic foreign works and carried out several series of books of foreign linguistic study. We hope it will improve the development of linguistic study in our country.

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language/ Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

BWPC’S Textbook Series on TCSL differs from others in TCSL book market ,and earns her readers and bookstores in the word. 80% books have been signed copyright agreements with overseas publishers. There are four series which are the multi-skill Chinese course seres,featured textbook series,children Chinese seres and test preparation seres.

Series of SAT/AP/ Series of SAT/AP

Bei jing World Publishing Corporation is committed to the publishing of books on studying abroad.Five mature product lines have been formed,including SAT,AP,guide to colleges,application essays,books onTOEFL,IELTS,GRE and so on.A high market share is maintained in domestic book market. At the same time ,the company tres to innovate creative publication service modes. A wide variety of cooperation projects have been launched with the major education agencies.

Reprinted Academic Books/ Reprinted Academic Books

One of traditional and featured publication of Beijing World Publishing Corporation (BWPC for short) is reprint ST titles; we are the leader publishing house on ST titles with an inventory of more than 1000 titles. Our reprint titles cover several subjects include mathematics, physics, mechanics, economics, chemistry and material science. We have reprinted classic teaching textbooks of GTM from Springer and also published many treatises. The authors of these titles are famous scholars and distinguished professors in mathematics and physics, including several Nobel award winners. Our readers are teachers and professors in universities and colleges, scientific researchers, senior graduates and undergraduates.
Our reprint ST titles fall into following four series:
(1) Springer mathematics graduate textbook series (GTM Series) pringer GTM series were written or compiled by scholars and experts in mathematics. It is a set of textbooks widely used by college students in several countries, among which are many long-term best-selling titles. The original English version of this series embraced almost 300 titles, BWPC has reprinted more than 200 titles since 1987.It is now a well-know brand of BWPC with an eye-catching cover in bright yellow, which is very important publications in academics. The readers of this series are graduate students and research fellows, and it is also the first choice of graduates and PhDs.
(2) Classic English mathematics textbook series
This series include UTM or Universitext series, which are simpler than "GTM series" in content. Readers focus on undergraduates and junior graduates, and it is also suitable for those beginners of colleges. Titles of this series are brief and clear, so they are the first choice of many universities for undergraduates.
(3) Classic monograph series
This series of books is the authoritative work in specific fields, the authors are all top scholars engaged in research and teaching for many years, even including some Nobel award winners. Those books have significant reference value for domestic scientific researchers.
(4) Frontiers of Science Series
Books in this series reflect the latest worldwide scientific researches and popular research fields in China, whose readers are mainly researchers.

Reprint Rights Journals/ Reprint Rights Journals

To purchase rights of foreign journals is World Publishing Corporation’s unique business of China. In order to alleviate the contradiction between the increasing demand of foreign academic journals and the fund deficiency of the colleges and universities of China, Beijing World Publishing Corporation purchase the rights from foreign publishers and introduced thousands kinds of foreign humanities & social science academic journals at preferential price to the Chinese market, of which journals in the areas, such as economic management, linguistics, law, psychologies and literature arts are mainly ordered by university libraries with low budget, data room of science research institute and local public libraries.